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Thursday, 29 August 2019

The trade center where food and smell are mixed

11th Street in Eastleigh Section One,
It was a busy day on Eastleigh's Second Avenue in Part One and the merchants displayed their fruits and snacks by the side of the road.

Under their booth is raw sewage heading to the road. The stench can be smelled from a distance.


Regardless of the dangers they face, some traders prepare food, including chapati, right next to a sewerage pit that flows 300 meters.

Faith Mumbi, who sells vegetables, said that she was used to the smell even though her poop was an eyesore.

"This is where we spend most of our time during the day to make a living - I know it might be risky but we have no alternative," Mumbi said.

According to Dr. Ali Mamo, who operates a clinic in the area, this has been the situation for nearly eight months this year and has been repeated for the past five years.

The situation became worse during the rainy season because water was released and flooded the threshold of almost all buildings.

"There are restaurants, bakeries, clinics, butchers and fruit vendors who do their business in this neighborhood," he said. "This poses a major health hazard given the large population here."

During the rainy season, medics say, it is not only businesses that are affected but also homes in the area.

"This is raw sewage, and the situation has been like this since 2016. This is an absolute health hazard not only for young children but the general public."


He added that efforts to seek help from local governments have been in vain because they always get varied answers.

"We have contacted the Nairobi Water and Waste Disposal Company and no action has been taken so far," said Dr Mamo.

The road builder is blamed

Traders said officials from the water company had toured the area and the latest visit was Monday.

A few meters from that place is another waste disposal in the middle of the road. Drivers who use the route must turn to avoid getting into puddles of wastewater.

Mr Joseph Chege, who runs the restaurant, blamed the contractor who built the road for damaging the sewer system.

"The problem began when the road was built and it seems that there is no authority that wants to solve the problem," Chege said.

Residents are now worried that there might be an epidemic due to poor sanitation in the area.

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