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Thursday, 29 August 2019

Kuppet hits out at TSC, Knut

 Akello Misor
The Kenya Primary Education Teachers' Union (Kuppet) of Kenya requested the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) on Wednesday to pay all teachers their salaries in full without discrimination of the union to which they belong.

Kuppet General Secretary Akello Misori said it is unfair for TSC to stop the implementation of the second phase of the salary increase due to its differences with the Kenyan National Teachers Union (Knut).

Mr. Misori, who was accompanied by the president of the union, Omboko Milemba, and other officials, also criticized some senior TSC officials and some Knut officials for serving their own interests at the expense of the teachers they suffer.

This is when it was learned that TSC had refused once again to pay filler salaries for 100,000 Knut-affiliated teachers and had also recovered wages that were previously paid as CBA.

Mr. Misori said it is unfair for TSC to expect unmotivated teachers whose salaries are being recovered to teach students when schools reopen on Monday.

"We call on TSC to reconsider its position and pay teachers their salaries while solving their problems with Knut," said Mr. Misori.

He also criticized Knut and TSC for not embracing the dialogue and instead appealed to the court to resolve their scores.

"Kuppet's position is that such deductions by the employer are unacceptable and illegal. All laws governing employment, from the Employment Law, to the ILO conventions that Kenyans have ratified, absolutely prohibit the reversal of earnings already earned by an employee, "said the Secretary General.

Kuppet President Omboko Milemba asked Knut members to join Kuppet saying they will be assured of full CBA implementation.

However, Milemba denied accusations that the union was taking advantage of the crisis in Knut to recruit more members.

The president of the Association of Women Teachers of Kenya (Kewota), Dorothy Muthoni, appealed to the teachers to be patient, as the employer addresses their problems.

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