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Saturday, 3 August 2019

Anne Thumbi threatens to sue Ken Okoth's family

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A lawyer representing the late Ken Okoth’s lover Anne Muthoni Thumbi has threatened to go to court after his client was excluded from the cremation ceremony of the Kibra MP on Saturday.

Lawyer Elkanah Mogaka, who accused the legislator’s family of disobeying the consent signed in court on Friday, said they will head to court on Monday. 


Mr Mogaka said the cremation ceremony performed at Kariokor Crematorium was done in secret and only a statement was given on Twitter confirming the process had been done.

The lawyer said that on Friday, the MP’s family, through lawyer Edwin Sifuna, consented in court that they would include Ms Thumbi’s son Jayden Okoth in the any service, be it burial or cremation.

“I can confirm to you that Jayden was not included in the cremation ceremony and as it stands, the family is in disobedience of the court order and we will be taken action on the same on Monday,” said Mr Mogaka.

But Orange Democratic Movement Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna, who is also the family’s lawyer, said that the event was a private affair.

He also claimed that Ms Thumbi, a nominated Member of Nairobi County Assembly, had opted not to be part of the event.


 “The ceremony started early in the morning in the presence of only a few people. Anne’s lawyer yesterday (Friday) said that they were not going to attend,” said Mr Sifuna.

On Friday, a Nairobi court adopted a consent signed by Mr Okoth’s widow Monica Okoth, and Ms Anne Thumbi, where the two agreed that a DNA test be undertaken to confirm the paternity of Jayden Baraka Okoth.

The two have also agreed that Jayden be allowed to participate in the funeral arrangements.

 This is after Ms Thumbi had moved to court on Thursday seeking to have the burial of her secret lover stopped until the controversy surrounding Jayden’s paternity is resolved. She demanded that her five-year old son be recognised as Mr Okoth’s biological son and be included in the legislator’s burial plans.

She sued Okoth’s mother, Angeline, his widow Monica, and the Lee Funeral Home as the first, second and third defendants, respectively.  

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