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Monday, 3 June 2019

Six teenagers linked to shock murder of boy arrested

Shikhungula village murder
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Six teenagers have been arrested in connection with the gruesome killing of a nine-year-old boy in Kakamega.
Kakamega County Police Commander Wilkister Verah said one of the suspects in custody had called the mother of the boy demanding a Sh50,000 ransom before he could release him.
She said the suspects aged between 16 and 18 years, were school drop-outs who spent most of their time idling at home in the sprawling Shikambi residential estate.
Ms Verah said the suspects had told police that they had been hired to kill the boy but are yet to reveal the identity of that person.
This comes amid General Service Unit operation in Matungu, Kakamega County, over bizarre gang killings.
Mrs Saida Rajab said her son, Ismail Shukkar left home to attend madrasa at a mosque in Kakamega town but did not return.
Ms Rajab said she got worried after strange people started calling her to demand ransom before they could release her son.
The attackers slit the boy's throat and dumped the body in a thicket in Shitungu village on Sunday.
Police said one of the suspects led them to scene where the body had been dumped.
"Our officers managed to arrest the suspect who had called the mother of the boy demanding to paid Sh50,000. Other suspects believed to be his accomplices were arrested thereafter," said Ms Verah.
Sheikh Abdalla Ateka, chairman of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya condemned the killing of the boy.
"We want police to investigate the killing and ensure all those involved are arrested and charged in court. It is so sad that an innocent boy had to lose his life in such cruel way," said Mr Ateka.
The killing of the boy has rekindled the memories of the nine-year-old girl, Sharlyne Mwanzia who found murdered and her body in Scheme estate in March last year.
Her killers dumped her body in a water tank after strangling the girl. A post-mortem report showed that she had been hit with a blunt object and then strangled.
Sharlyne, who was a Standard Three pupil at St Joseph's Academy in Kakamega, went missing from her parent's home on March 11, 2018 as she played with her brothers.
A week later, her body was found in a water tank.
Shitungu residents said this was the second murder in a month after the body of a woman was found dumped in the same thicket.
The attackers are reported to have slashed the woman on the head before dumping her body in the bush.
The villagers accused the local chief and village elders of failing to address the insecurity in the area.
"We need the police and the county commissioner to intervene. Criminals hide in the bush and attack children and women," a resident said on Sunday.
Kakamega Central Police Commander David Kabena said: "The attackers appear to have slit his throat and dumped his body in the thicket. We are going to intensify patrols to ensure criminals are arrested and prosecuted."

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