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Nairobi Woman Who Spent 11 Years Seeking to Become Lawyer Finally Admitted to The Bar


Shirlene Malala Luttah
Shirlene Malala Luttah’s journey to becoming a lawyer has been anything but ordinary. Malala is now officially a lawyer who was legally admitted to the bar.  After an arduous 11-year journey filled with setbacks, grief, and unwavering determination, she finally achieved her dream of being admitted to the bar. When did Malala first sit for her bar exams? Malala told that her pursuit of a legal career began after completing her undergraduate studies.  Like many aspiring lawyers, she enrolled in the Kenya School of Law, ready to take the bar exams. However, her first sitting in 2019 did not go as planned, as the council failed her, sending her back to the drawing board. Missing out on the elusive nine passes that law graduates often boast about, she was forced to regroup and prepare for another attempt. COVID-19 delayed Malala The COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench into her plans the following year, as no exams were conducted in 2020. Undeterred, Malala returned in early 2021 for her second attempt, only to be told again that she had not met the requirements. "Did I tire? Nope! Why? My village depends on me. They already call me wakili, and they invite me to Harambees as the guest of honour," she shared. In 2021, caregiving responsibilities consumed her time, causing her to miss the exam timetable.  Malala's turning point By March 2022, she was ready for her third attempt but was struck by tragedy just a week before her exam date with the loss of her significant other. She explained that the grief was so overwhelming it nearly pushed her to quit her legal aspirations entirely. But Malala's resolve only grew stronger. In 2023, she made it her mission to fulfil her father's dream and become a lawyer. "I told myself I need to fulfil my father's dream and be admitted to the bar," she said, which prompted her to keep her eyes on the prize. How Malala's father received news she's passed bar exams As she prepared for her final exam in 2023, she posted on Facebook that her determination was unshakable. "Tomorrow, I walk into that exam room with a lot of determination, preparedness, zeal, confidence, and faith that whatever happens, I'm acing that paper!" she declared.  Her hard work and perseverance paid off as she was finally admitted to the Bar, marking the end of an 11-year journey. Malala recalled the moment she called her father to tell him she had finally passed her Bar exams. "It was a short conversation, but he later sent me a message and told me how I had added him more years," she recounted. Having been certified as a lawyer, she looks forward to taking her place legally in advocate groups and seeing her father proudly introduce her as his lawyer daughter. 

by  Hillary Lisimba 

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