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List of Multi-Million Properties Owned by Fallen Jubilee Christian Church Founder Allan Kiuna


Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) founder Allan Kiuna
Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) founder Allan Kiuna was pronounced dead on Tuesday, July 9, after a long battle with cancer. Jubilee Christian Church founder Allan Kiuna died on Tuesday, July 9.  His family announced his death in a statement on JCC's social media pages. "It is with heartfelt condolences that today we announce our beloved Bishop Allan Kiuna has gone to be with the Lord.  Bishop Allan Kiuna, the general overseer and founder of Jubilee Christian Church, was an extraordinary man who touched the lives of many and had a great passion for ministering not just locally but globally," part of the statement read. When did Kiunas establish JCC? According to the JCC website, Kiuna and his wife, Kathy, a reverend, were in the printing business before establishing the church. The duo launched JCC on January 17, 1999. Since then, the church has opened over 10 branches in Kitengela, Eastlands, Nakuru, Thika Road, Kisumu, Garissa, Nyeri, Eldoret, Marurui, Naivasha, Thika, and Machakos. The church grew from a congregation of six members to thousands across Kenya, South Africa, and the United States of America (USA). How much are the Kiunas worth?  There have been many speculations and controversies based on the Kiunas' wealth and lifestyle. Kiuna did not shy away from displaying his lavish lifestyle to all and sundry. The deceased disclosed he spent KSh 460 million on his treatment in the United States (US), and none came from his pockets. His wealth is estimated at billions of shillings, but the figure is not in the public domain. What properties do The Kiunas own? Runda mansion Kiuna was among Kenya's wealthiest preachers. Photos of the late preacher's palatial home surfaced online after they treated church members to a tour. A tarmacked driveway leads to the front of the majestic home finished in yellow and cream colours. The front of the house features a shed where guests can alight from vehicles and enter the house while protected from the elements. The Kiunas' residence also features a massive swimming pool with numerous lounge chairs. The house sits on a sizeable piece of land in the upscale neighbourhood. The compound has a well-trimmed lawn and other decorative shrubs and flowers. Private jet Kiuna revealed he acquired a private jet, a Cessna Citation X 1997 model, in 2016. According to Citizen Digital, the jet cost an estimated KSh 2.1 billion. The American long-range, medium-sized business jet aircraft has a capacity of eight passengers. The Kiunas also own a collection of multi-million fuel guzzlers and motorcycles. Which type of cancer killed Allan Kiuna? Kiuna openly discussed his multiple myeloma condition, stating he was initially diagnosed with cancer in 2018. According to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, it is caused by abnormal plasma cells that build up in the bone marrow and form bone tumours. It is also known as plasma cell cancer. In multiple myeloma, plasma cells transform into cancerous cells that grow uncontrollably, replacing the normal cells that support immune function. The disease is more frequently diagnosed in males of African descent who are over 45 years old. Kiuna returned to the country last year after receiving treatment abroad, sharing a testimony of healing.

by  Japhet Ruto 

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