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Bahati reveals gesture that made women want to become his 2nd wife


Bahati pictured with his wife Diana

Bahati has revealed that bold unashamed women are always hitting on him! Even in front of his own wife and mother of 3 of his biological kids, Diana Marua.

The musician cum reality TV star revealed this during an interview with Betty Kyallo on her TV47 show after being asked who between them hits on more,

"Of course it is me. Umenunulia msichana Range Rover, mansion... wanataka kuwa fourth wife aaah second wife."

Diana herself isn't up for sharing and told Karen Nyamu who is all for polygamy saying,

"Mpango wa kando (a side chick) is not my portion in Jesus name)," she told Karen during an episode of their new reality show.

What does Bahati think about polygamy?

In July 2023, Bahati cheekily gave his views on polygamy saying that 'marrying one wife will prevent many from going to heaven'.

In the YouTube video, Bahati questioned the stance of modern pastors who advocate for men to have only one wife, challenging them to provide biblical evidence that supports monogamy.

Bahati went on to express his belief that the insistence on monogamy might prevent some men from entering heaven. He cited biblical figures such as David and Solomon, who had multiple wives.

The discussion took an interesting turn when Diana returned during the earlier part of the video. Bahati asked her if she believed Solomon, who had multiple wives, was in heaven.

"Babe do you believe Solomon ako heaven, the wisest man in the bible?" he asked.

When Diana confirmed that Solomon is indeed in heaven, Bahati implied that having more than one wife might not be an issue for one's spiritual destiny.

"So inamaanisha kukua na madem wengi ni sawa? (So having many girlfriends is okay)," he concluded, justifying polygamy.

Despite his employee's strong stance on monogamy, he noted that in heaven, there will be no marriages, quoting Jesus, who said that in heaven, people will be singing and enjoying honey and milk.


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