Edday Nderitu Celebrates Purchasing Pricy Land in Nakuru: "Niko Na Title Yangu" - Breaking Kenya News


Edday Nderitu Celebrates Purchasing Pricy Land in Nakuru: "Niko Na Title Yangu"


The mother of three took to her Instagram page to narrate the tedious journey of owning something in her name as she expressed how grateful she was. How Edday Nderitu bought land Part of what she wrote read: "Sometime back, I developed an urge to own something of my own, and I didn't have a regular income, so I was not sure how to go about it. You know I was born and bred in Nyandarua, so I got particularly interested in a Nakuru project which was going for KSh 399,000, after all, Nakuru was becoming a city. But how was I to raise a whole KSh 399,000? This is a story for another day." Edday added that she started paying installments which took her many months but eventually got her title deed. "The excitement of owning something you have desired for many years is absolutely exhilarating, a dream come true. I will tell you a story about how my journey was," she further said. The Mugithi singer's wife relocated with her three kids to the US and once confirmed that she had no intention of returning to Kenya. Elsewhere, the mother of three recently stunned netizens after dropping a stunning photo of herself and her daughter at her school. Edday revealed that she was pleased to attend her daughter, Shirleen Muchoki's first fall dance recital in school. The young Shirleen rocked a turquoise blue dress, and she had jewellery to compliment the look. She also had blue stick-ons that matched her outfit with heels and good makeup. The mugithi singer's kids, Shirleen and Michael joined a school in the US after getting help from their aunt, Bernice Saroni. 


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