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Thursday, 19 November 2020

Ngecha residents want Tigoni Dam fenced off to avert suicides


Ngecha residents have asked the Kiambu county government to fence off the Tigoni Dam to prevent suicides and incidents of drowning. 

The residents also say when drivers lose control of their vehicles in the Kabuku road area near the dam, they often plunge into its waters.

In the latest drowning incident, the body of 34-year-old Cyrus Kamau was found floating on the dam on Friday.

Boys passing by the dam noticed the body and alerted residents. Police officers retrieved the body and took it to Tigoni Level 4 Hospital mortuary.  

Kamau's uncle Benson Wanyoike said he failed to return home on Thursday night.  

"He arrives home early; that day he did not come back home and we all got worried. We started looking for him in vain. We identified him when reports of a drowning was made," he said.

Wanyoike asked the police to investigate the cause of his drowning. The family wants to know if he committed suicide or was killed and his body dumped in the dam.

Resident Joram Njoroge on Tuesday said bodies of people unknown to residents have been recovered from the dam.

"This is an indicator that there are people who kill others somewhere and bring those bodies and dump them there," he said.

"As residents we can be scared since if the murderers notice a local while doing those evil things, they can kill you to erase evidence."

Simon Njogu said they fear consuming polluted waters. The government had plans to treat the water for domestic use to reduce shortage.

The residents asked Governor James Nyoro and the Water and Environment executive David Kuria to visit the site and plan to fence the dam.

"We want this dam fenced. We do not want to witness those ugly things we see here since they can be prevented using a fence and guard rails," Njogu said

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